Marketing and managing your social media

Let me ask you a question: can you afford to spend several hours a day on social media to interact with your potential customers, promote your business or refine your website? The answer is probably not. You have other fish to fry! However, it’s clear that you can’t ignore social media because it would mean, losing opportunities to get new customers. So why not leave the management of your social media to someone who can guide you, or better yet, do it for you?

I have a passion; to make sure that small businesses benefit from social media as much as possible.

Every business has different needs. We can work together to adapt a social media plan for your needs. Be it for:

  • A marketing plan
  • A calendar of publications
  • An advertising campaign
  • Creating and configuring a professional page
  • Managing your social media
  • Newsletter management
  • Writing articles
  • Training / advice

There is a service (or a combination of services) to fit your specific needs and I will work with you to offer you only the recommendations that your company really needs.

Don’t let prospective customers slip through your fingers, contact me now!