Marketing and managing your social media

Let me ask you a question: can you afford to spend several hours a day on social media to interact with your potential customers, promote your business or tweak your website? The answer is probably no. You have other fish to fry! However, it’s clear that you can’t ignore social media because it would mean, losing opportunities to get new customers. So why not leave the management of your social media to someone who can guide you, or better yet, do it for you?

Every business has different needs. To tailor a social media plan or training for your needs contact me or choose from the following packages:

The “Big Helping Hand” Plan:

  • A short strategy
  • Creation (or adjustments) of your existing professional page Instagram (or LinkedIn) and Facebook
  • 2 hours 30 mins of remote training in screen sharing mode
  • Follow-ups by email or by phone

475$ + tax

The “Little Helping Hand” Plan:

  • Adjustments of your existing professional pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • 1 hour and a half of remote consultation where I give you tailored tips to your specific needs to increase your online presence, engagement rate, and sales.
  • Email follow-ups

225$ + tax

Macro “Done-For-You” Package

  • Strategy tailored to your business
  • Advice, research, and publication of content related to your brand (2 to 3 publications a week on your choice of 2 of these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter)
  • Moderation and comment management (in collaboration with you)
  • Creation and management of one ad campaign per month
  • Statistic analysis and follow-ups by email or phone.

625$ + tax /month (6 months contract minimum)

Micro “Done-For-You” Package

  • Strategy tailored to your business
  • Advice, research, and publication of content related to your brand on your Facebook page (1 or 2 publications a week)
  • Creation and management of 1 ad campaign every 2 months
  • Follow-ups by email or phone.

325$ + tax /month (6 months contract minimum)


** Note that for both “Done-For-You” packages, a minimal involvement on your part will be required; you will need to provide original content from your business (articles, images, videos, etc.) and a minimal advertising budget for the ad campaigns. 


Don’t let prospective customers slip through your fingers, contact me now!