Elevate the positive vibes in your office OR home with a personalized work of art, to the point where you figure on it, is now possible!

I believe that a piece of art should not only speak of the artist that created it, but also of the person who acquires it, and that is why after having had my paintings exhibited in prestigious art galleries in New York and Miami, I decided to change my approach and include you in my artworks.

Basically, what I am proposing is to create an artwork from a photo of you – your child or pet – and your favorite quote or phrase.

The artworks are printed on Cotton canvas and pulled over a 0.75-inch-thick wooden frame ready to hang on your wall.

Here are some examples, that you can purchase:

Two sizes are available:

  • 20 X 30 inches = $ 139.00 + tax and shipping
  • 30 X 40 inches = $ 179.00 + tax and shipping

To impress your friends, or personalize the decor of your office, order your personalized positive vibe artwork now!

All you have to do is figure out what color theme would go well with your decor, the image you want to use (a picture of you, your pet or a child), and a quote that speaks to your desires, your hopes, your heart, your soul!

And click the button below to fill out the order form and I’ll contact you for all the details!