Hey there and welcome! I’m Jasmine Beausoleil

Back in 2008, I opened my consulting practice that I filled within 6 months. As a result, other practitioners, entrepreneurs started asking me to help them get more clients. Since then, I have been doing this in addition to founding Zone Inspiration. I am also the author of several books on self-confidence and the psychology of success.

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Such a little word, so much power … but only when you learn who to use it right.  If you’re still struggling to get clients or that you’re not quite where you want to be, your mindset might be holding you back. Let’s talk.

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It’s about conversation and creating relationships. If you’re not getting any leads from your social media efforts, you might be missing something. Trust me, the number of followers isn’t everything, you’ve got to look for quality. 😉

I got FREE tools to get you started, click on the button below to access them.

Jasmine is like a guardian angel for DECAM, she makes sure everything is done on time and is always available when it counts. We are very happy to entrust her with the management of our communications, to the point where we sometimes forget that it even exists!

Julien D.  DECAM solutions créatives

Jasmine has been following me since I started doing business. She has been there to advise me on the steps of a business launch, to push me forward and support me in all stages of my career. Even now, she is my reference, the person of confidence to guide me, in terms of marketing, social media as well as in my personal life. Honestly, I don't know if my career would be the same if she had not been there!

Lily Langlois  Lilyse ton Style

We worked with Jasmine Beausoleil for almost 2 years. I can honestly say that she stood out with her quick responses and communication skills. Her ability to transfer information relevant to our needs and her expertise in her field are remarkable. I recommend her services as a consultant and trainer in marketing & social media management to anyone who needs it.

Rémi G.  Présentoirs Élite

Jasmine puts all her heart into what she does. She is accessible and flexible. In addition to being a good communicator, she responds with a lightning speed. She is professional and knows her field well.

Lysanne P.  Yoga l'Ours

I was fortunate to be able to enjoy the wonderful and invaluable advice of Jasmine Beausoleil. They made the difference in my self-confidence. It allowed me to realize my value as a Massage Therapist. Want to be well informed on a personal and professional level? Jasmine Beausoleil is the person you need, to really get your business off the ground by trusting in yourself and getting you out of isolation!

I’m really happy that life had me meet Jasmine, this wonderful mindset, and marketing consultant. I highly recommend her!

Brigtte G.  Massage Therapist

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If you have any questions about our services, our products or you just feel like sending us a kind note, do it here: info@jasminebeausoleil.com

Your message is important to us, so we try our best to answer every single one within 48 hours from Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST. In the meantime, join me on social media, let’s get talkin’!