My rich past in personal experiences, followed by several trainings and then my role as a counselor, served to carve in me a deep desire to help. These books are born of a labor of love and a deep understanding of the other not only through my training, but also through my personal life experiences.

If you start the path to greater confidence and self esteem, BRAVO! I hope, with these pages, to help you in this profound, transformative and rewarding work.

Read the excerpts from my two books below and fill out the form to order the one that spoke to you the most.


Too often, I’ve heard or talked to women who are talented, beautiful and interesting but who don’t have a lot of self-esteem. This observation pains me. I would love to do something for them – for all women who suffer in silence from being unable to love themselves as they are. This momentum, I cradled it for a very long time. Too often, I see women feeling inferior, having unhappy romantic relationships, having jobs that are not up to their standards, and all that because they lack a good sense of self-esteem.

You’ll find in these pages a woman who has lived and who sometimes has light writing style sometimes it’s tinted with psychology. It’s me. I like the proximity to my readers but I also like to offer you professional tools and information. I did my research, you know, but I also have a lot of experience in the field and, like you, personal opinions. I told you that I would not serve you a book like the others on the subject and I try, in the writing of these lines, to respect the challenge I gave myself. I hope that you’ll find in these lines a balm for your self-esteem and a loving push forward to accomplish yourself and push the boundaries of the gaze that you lay upon yourself too.


No one can argue that confidence will get you want you want! When you are confident, nothing – and no one – can stop you and if you do get down, it’s much easier to get yourself back up again.

I am on a mission to help all women raise their confidence levels as high as they can imagine it can be and more! This book was written with that intention in mind. It’s a conversation between you and I; no big words, just down to earth easy breezy tips to get you on your way to more confidence!

*Special note for the Sassy Confidence book:  you can purchase it from the publisher here, or from me by filling up the form below. The only difference is that if you order a paper copy from me, I can sign it for you 😉