Here’s what the Sassy Confidence Box contains in details:

  • My “Sassy Confidence” book (Value of 15$)
  • My “Self-Esteem by Camera” book (Value of 5$)
  • 70 introspective questions I’ve developed over the years (Value of 3 coaching sessions, 195$)
  • 25 steps to being more elegant (Value of 25$)
  • A journal (Value of 10$)
  • Your numerology, what your name and date of birth says about you (Value of 99$)
  • A guide to pimp your style according to your morphology (Value of a morphology consultation: 125$)
  • Semi-precious stone to boost your energy and restore your confidence (Value of 15$)
  • Essential oil blend that works on energy centers and memory to boost your confidence. (Value of 18$)


  • A keychain to remind you that you are awesome
  • A discount on a personalized “Positive Art” piece to boost the positive energy in your home or office (you can check them out here.)

Are you in business? A social media marketing guide can be added. You just have to select the option “with the marketing guide”.

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