Hi everyone, I’m Jasmine Beausoleil. Over the years, I have had the pleasure and honor of helping solopreneures and business owners to boost their confidence, direct their thoughts towards success and build a social media presence worthy of their efforts. I do this in the form of consultations/workshops, turnkey management of their social media or through Zone Inspiration which is a French monthly subscription that provides the tools (photos, text

suggestions, strategies, etc.) to help self-employed workers to be present online in a professional and consistent way.

I love what I do!

As far as my memory allows me to remember, I have always wanted to help people … Starting with my mother. Struck with multiple sclerosis, she paralyzed from the armpits all the way to the tip of her toes when I was only 9 years old. The doctors told her that she would not work again. They were wrong. With the help of alternative medicines and a strict diet, my mother found the use of her legs within two years. These years of my childhood marked me, as you can imagine. Which pushed me to study alternative medicines and open my own practice in 2008.

6 months after the opening of my practice it was full, and many of my clients who were also practitioners started to ask me, “How did you fill your practice so quickly? So, I let the flow of things carry me.

In order to make sure that I gave the best, I studied marketing and the psychology of success. Since then, I have been helping self-employed people and small businesses to market themselves through social media marketing and a strong psychology of success.

Oh! I have to add something … If you decide to work with me, you have to know that I am the type of person who will save you time (and money) with practicable, complete and concise information. I am also in business, so I know we have no time to waste with unnecessary lengths and detours.

PS: For those who are more academic; I studied in computer graphics, marketing as well as naturopathy (hypnosis, positive psychology, etc.), and applied arts. I also have training from the Ministry of Defense as an instructor, a career in which I worked for almost 5 years. And to top it all off, I have more than 20 years of experience in HR and administration.

I have two businesses and I’m also part of the communications committee of my city.


My two precious collaborators

Jessica Michelin

With a bachelor’s degree in administration and a concentration in marketing, Jessica is an entrepreneur at heart, she loves taking on new challenges and learning new things. She’s a real go-getter with a positive attitude, and no project stops her!

Marianne D’Avignon-Laroche

A determined passionate person! She has a college education in social media management/marketing and is a blogger. Marianne has a lot of knowledge and a thirst for learning. With her head full of ideas, she is always ready for new projects and challenges.

So, if you want to go further faster in your business, contact us